Safety is our primary goal here in FedUp, in this section you can read all the feedback in our safe environment or write your own feedback regarding safety or security issue or even any matter relates to our company. We appreciate your feedback and will respond to all matters as soon as possible.

October 2019

Security: The main door needs to be fixed!!
By Simon Phil, created Friday, Oct 16th 2019 21:36Z

The main door of the building dose not close well, many time a came and didn’t need to touch my ID card to open it !!

Safety: old electricity cable!!
By Davide Michael, created Monday, Oct 7th 2019 00:50Z, last updated Thursday, Oct 10th 2019 02:30Z

Some of the cables in the printing room are old to the point that the rubber sealing is fading out!!!

Response by Abdulhai, On Thursday, Oct 10th 2019 02:30Z

Thanks for your report, all the cables has been changed, and some in other rooms as well.

September 2019

Other: The new uniform
By Jeremy white, created Tuesday , Sep 11th 2019 23:16Z, last updated Friday, Sep 17th 2019 01:21Z

The new uniform has defect colour of our logo after first washing!!!

Response by Nic, On Friday, Sep 14th 2019 20:30Z

Thank you for the feedback. However, since you’re the only feedback on this matter, I suggest that you follow the instruction on the uniform on how to wash them.

August 2019

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July 2019

Other: Ergonomic environment issue.
By Anonymous, created Wednesday, Jul 6th 2019 03:36Z, last updated Friday, Jul 8th 2019 23:40Z

The working hours and the breaks with the desktop and chairs should be more comfortable for better performance from the stuff, as many stuff wounders around during the working hours to relive the workload and stretch their body. Changing the chairs to a better and comfortable will impact the performance of the all the stuff for better outcome.

Response by Timon, On Friday, Jul 8th 2019 23:40Z

Thank you for the feedback, you highlighted a very sensitive matter and important as well. We are working to improve this matter as soon as we can. However, if you have any recondations regarding which brands for the chairs and desktops we are all ears.

June 2019

Security: Visitor ID pass need to be corrected !!
By Mitch , created On Friday, Jun 11th 2019 23:03Z, last updated Friday, Jun 11th 2019 01:36Z

Some of the visitors ID card have wrong permission to sections! I had the other day one visitor (Mr. Edison) for our new meeting room project, and I was surprised that he had already got into the meeting room with his ID card!!!!

Response by Abdulhai, On Friday Jun 11th 2019 01:36Z

Thank you, Mitch for your Feedback. However, this was done by Security as he was given access to the meeting room by request of the project manager.

Safety: Restroom Cleaning !!
By Sara brown, created Monday Jun 7th 2019 21:36Z, last updated Tuesday, Jun 8th 2019 03:36Z

The ladies restroom most of the week are dirty in a way I wounders if the gentlemen restroom are cleaner than ours!!! The floor are slippery and 50% of the toilet seat are loose or damaged, this can lead to a serious injuries.

Response by Abdulhai, On Tuesday, Jun 8th 2019 03:36Z

Thank you, Sarah for your feedback. We have transferred your concern to the cleaning department.

May 2019

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