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The safety of our passengers and employees is our first priority

Introduction from the company

Hello and welcome to the FedUp internal safety portal. This portal is your one stop for all that you need to know about safety at our airline. From policies and procedures to feedback and news, all bases are covered here. If this is your first visit to our site, please take the time to familiarise yourself with all aspects of the portal. Also please make note of the reporting function where you can submit any safety related incident, and even anonymously if you so desire. If you feel the need, please feel free to contact any of our team via the Our Team/Contact Us tab.

“We are FedUp and we care about safety”
Michelle Anderson (Chief of Safety at FedUp)


Michelle Anderson
Chief of Safety

Michelle Anderson would be a household name if aviation safety was a household conversation. She is a legend of the industry who has pretty much been everywhere and done everything. From humble beginnings, starting her career filtering through the safety feedback as safety support officer at British Airways, she has taken the aviation safety industry by storm in the way that she goes about it. Most airlines will tell you that safety is their number one priority, and this may be true, but for Michelle, safety is the only priority. This mentality has seen her rise through more ranks than can be listed and now we are lucky enough to have her here at Fedup.

Safety really butters my bread” is all the Michelle said when asked to tell us something about herself for this write up. That probably says enough about her and her passion for safety.